Theme: Explore New Horizons In physiotherapy Practice Call For Abstract/Poster

Chairman– Dr. Pooja Tiwari (PT)

(National Vice President, GAPT),

+91 9868400481

Executive Chairman- Dr. Prakash Kumar Mishra (PT)

(President-Delhi, S.E.B GAPT),

+91 7291967181

CO Chairman- Dr. Pooja Vohra (PT)

(President-Delhi, Women’s Wing GAPT),

+91 9319045369

Scientific Committee Head- Dr. Dimple Modi (PT)

(Voice President-Maharashtra, Women’s Wing GAPT),

+91 7045063537

Scientific Committee Head-Dr. Tripti Shahi (PT)

(President-Uttar pradesh, Women’s Wing GAPT),

Time Allotted:

Free Paper presentation-10 Minutes Followed By 2 Minutes Discussion
Last date for receiving the abstract:05.12.2022.
Intimation of acceptance:15.12.2022

Send your Abstract along with conference
registration payment conformation on email id:

Basic Format of Abstract for submission:

1. The abstract should include background, purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion.

2. It should be one paragraph with a word limit of 250-300.

3. Please do not include subheadings, bullets, lists and header/footer in the abstract.

4. Abbreviations should not be used in the title. Acronyms should be written in full the first time, mentioned in the text, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.

5. There shall be no citations or references in the abstract specifically. If there is a need to cite references, please provide the sources in brackets.


1. Title: Times New Roman, 12 points, Upper case, Centered text in bold.

2. Body: Times New Roman, 11 points; Line spacing: 1, one column of text.