Global Association for Physiotherapy ( GAPT) as an International organization has Semper excelsius vision to propel physiotherapy forward through representation to various Government agencies across the Globe with utmost commitment to sustainable development agendas of the United Nations. GAPT will facilitate determinants of health through Physiotherapy to improve the health and well-being of people everywhere in the world.


As the global voice of the physiotherapy profession.

Unite & connect the physiotherapy professionals & students Internationally.

Represent physiotherapy professionals in the International platform.

Promote high standards of practice, education and research in the field of physiotherapy.

Encourage communication and sharing information among members, governing body & to Governments globally.

Collaborate with recognized International institutes & organizations.


The Code of Ethics reflects physiotherapists’ commitment to use their knowledge and expertise to promote high quality, competent and ethical care for patients .

Ethics in physiotherapy can be defined as the moral code of conduct that defines the relationship between the Physiotherapist and his/her patient and other healthcare professionals based on mutual respect and trust.

Have a standard of accepted norms of value-based empathetic behavior.

Enhance respect within and outside the profession to protect the dignity and rights of the patient

Promote Trust and confidentiality to keep protect patients’ data.

Protect the legitimate rights and privileges of the physiotherapy professional.

Adhere to guidelines issued by Government agencies across the globe.