Devansh Jindal

Devansh Jindal
Executive Member, (North Zone)
Global Association for Physiotherapy

Devansh Jindal is born in Muzaffarnagar, Uttarpradesh, and raised in different corners of India.
He is in his 4th year, and currently doing his Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy from Mohali, Punjab.
He is a versatile person and very fond to learn something. He loves to teach people to live the way of
life without medications. He believes that ‘ Medicine can change the physiology but cannot physics ‘.

He has passed his SSC and HSC from CBSE board, UP in 2015 and 2017 respectively and
currently doing his Physiotherapy from Mohali ( Punjab).

Work Experience:-
He works at different clinics and hospitals as a trainee and has also been a part of
different Physiotherapy camps organized in rural areas as well as in urban areas. He also performs a role
of a junior physio in the ITF tournament 2021 which is held in the Services club, Muzaffarnagar [UP].

He has attended many workshops such as Dry needling therapy – PGIMER, Chandigarh,
Acupressure and Acupuncture, Cupping therapy – The University of New Mexico (Coursera),
traditional healing of body, Manual therapy from Capri institute of manual therapy, And done more
then 10+ courses from Coursera and other platforms.

He has attended the ‘National conference of physiotherapy’ in Fatehgarh sahib, Punjab.

He is skilled in assessing, diagnosing, treating, and making exercise protocols as per patient
He is also skilled in Static and Dynamic Cupping therapy, Manual therapy, MFR, And Postural Assessment
and Correction and last but not least Pain Management.

Other Interest:-
Updating new techniques and knowledge, workout, Yoga and most important to build
a Physiotherapy network in rural areas for providing the best treatment for those who can’t afford
quality health care.

Contact info:-