Dr. Anita Sharma (P.T) 

Dr. Anita Sharma (PT)
Executive member, (Delhi)
Women’s Wing
Global Association for Physiotherapy

Dr. Anita Sharma (PT) is a Consultant Physiotherapist by profession and an upcoming women entrepreneur. She was born and brought up in Delhi. She did her Bachelor’s from College of Physiotherapy, PGIMS (Rohtak), and Master in Neurology (MPT) from IAMR Group of Institution, Ghaziabad.

Dr. Anita Sharma earned the prestigious remarks for her thesis work on the topic “EFFECT OF FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH EXERCISE TRAINING ON BALANCE SKILLS OF CEREBRAL PALSY CHILD “ Under the guidance of Dr.  Shagun Agrawal, Professor & Head IAMR Ghaziabad.

She is a fellow member of “Delhi council of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy” (DCPT) and “Indian Association of Physiotherapy” (IAP)
She is the founder of “Paediatric Rehab” which aims to provide physiotherapy services to optimize the health wellbeing and ability of each child to enable them to move and participate in every day to day activities & being a part of family and community.

Dr. Anita Sharma has excellent exposure to Neuro-Pediatric cases and a hardworking dedicated professional with a great passion for treating children with developmental disorders. She is skilled in assessing, treating, and making exercise protocols for children with developmental disorders.

She has been attending various conferences and workshops to build more knowledge and skills throughout her professional career. Over the years, she had worked with Physiotherapy Clinic and later extended her service in an NGO that worked for children with Cerebral palsy and Autism. She has been serving children with developmental disorders for the past 6 years.

Dr. Anita Sharma has an interest in reading articles and journals on fitness, aerobic workout, and yoga. She is also active on social platforms for professional building. Links are provided here: