Dr. Gyan Tiwari (P.T.)

Dr. Gyan Tiwari (P.T.)Dr. Gyan Tiwari (P.T.)
National Executive Member, North Zone, N.E.B
Global Association for Physiotherapy

Dr. Gyan Tiwari (P.T.) (Cardiopulmona Dr. Gyan Tiwari is an avid clinician and a dedicated health fanatic. He treats his patients with well learned and honed skills which are not easy to learn and apply since more than a decade. He has learned various techniques over the period of years and is on constant endeavor to apply the learned knowledge to the best of his ability for the early and complete health gain of his patients.

He believes in as simple concept of “H.E.A.L.” which stands for “Health Enables Active Life”. He works round the clock for his patients to meet their need and comfort. He believes that the true Physiotherapist relies on his mental ability, physical strength and techniques to treat his patients and thus he constantly strive to develop himself for the same. He loves to keep himself abreast of new developments in medical field and like to know the developments in all specialty of medicine as he believes in that every part of the body works in synchronization with one another and thus need a holistic approach of treatment.
He is a complete health fanatic for his own body too, he likes to eat healthy and exercise regularly believing that “We have nowhere else to live”. He likes to apply various techniques which he himself modifies for the best result on himself to understand how it will benefit the patients and modify them as and when necessary.

He also believes that we cannot focus on a single aspect of our profession but we need to develop ourselves on a complete level and thus he backs his practical knowledge with the academic knowledge. He has various publications and is even pursuing a second Masters of Physiotherapy in “Sports” as he loves outdoors and various athletic activities.

He completed his Schooling from G.I.C, U.P. He was an active player of Cricket in his school days and participated in various state level matches. He then did his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Santosh Medical College, Ghaziabad and later progressed to his first Masters of Physiotherapy in Cardiopulmonary from the same college.