Dr. Kalapana Singh (P.T)
zonal secretary (Central zone)
National Executive Board
Global Association for Physiotherapy

She believes ‘Mobility is Life.’ And has devoted herself to creating and enhancing mobility as a cornerstone for a good life for thousands of people. Dr Kalpana Singh, age 27, is a bright young physiotherapist who has already earned a reputation in her field for the efficacy of her methods. This young professional comes true on the saying – “A physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, the heart of a humanist and the hands of an artist.”
A registered physiotherapist with several years of clinical experience in orthopedic and sports medicine, Dr Singh practices in the national capital. Her passion for her work saw her achieve the coveted Certified Manual Therapist (CMT) credentials from the Mangalore based Manual Therapy Foundation of India in 2018. She says her training in ‘manual therapy’ augments the effectiveness of treatment and invariably speeds patient recovery.
Dr Singh started practice with an internship at R&R Army Hospital, Delhi Cantt. Born and brought up in Bhopal, she studied at Barkatulla University. She completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) from Bhopal’s prestigious People’s Institute of Physiotherapy and Research Centre in 2014. Her interest in the field of sports related injuries prompted her to specialize in sports rehabilitation and therapy. She did her Masters in sports (MPT) from Bhopal’s Rajiv Gandhi Medical College and Research Centre in 2017.
She works on the principle that best therapeutic results are obtained by working with patients’ innate capabilities so that their physical strength and endurance is enhanced.
Counseling in an important aspect of Dr Kalpana Singh’s work with her patients. Teaching them ways to avoid aggravating their conditions helps them live a healthier life and reduces the chances of repeating the same trauma, she says.
Dr Singh is passionate about postural education, which she feels is a key need in modern times when lifestyles have become hazardously sedentary. She specializes in ‘Core Stability Programmes’ – basically strengthening core areas like spine and abdomen which need to be stable and robust to properly support all types of movements and reducing the chances of injury.
Constantly improving her skills and knowledge base through participation in seminars and conferences, Dr Kalpana Singh constantly works on expanding the use of physiotherapy, a non-invasive treatment regimen, in new fields. She worked with leading NGO Muskan Project’s ‘KASP Plan’ where she introduced physiotherapy exercises to special children. The effects of improved flexibility on the quality of their life were almost instant. She has also worked with Special Olympics Bharat, National Disability Games.
She is currently practicing at Sukhnit Physiotherapy Clinic in New Delhi and is empanelled with BHEL. Her Patient-Base includes numerous celebrities and VVIPs from several walks of life.
Dr Kalpana Singh, drkalpanaphysio@gmail.com, +91-8860656920