Dr. Neha Bhatia (B.P.T)

DR. Neha Bhatia (B.P.T)
Vice President, Women’s wing (Uttar Pradesh) 
Global Association For Physiotherapy

Dr Neha Bhatia is a trained and experienced physiotherapist she has done Bachelor in physiotherapy with a high percentage from Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University Kanpur she has worked at Hallet hospital Kanpur, Avadh hospital and heart centre Lucknow, autistic centre in Kanpur and has worked as a junior physiotherapist at the fitness centre.
She has attended the National conference of wellness and the International conference of physical therapy in trauma and orthopaedic rehabilitation at AIIMS international conference in neurodevelopment to treat stroke patient(AIIMS) and certify in vestibular rehabilitation therapy she is very tolerant polite and competent in her work.

She likes to do social work so that she organizing free camps from time to time she writes blogs on social media.