Dr. Pooja Vohra (P.T)

Dr. Dr. Pooja Vohra (P.T) 
President Women’s Wing, Delhi
Global Association for Physiotherapy

Dr. Pooja Vohra is an accredited leading Consultant Physiotherapist and Nutritionist who is well renowned in the field of Preventive & Promotive health and Sports Rehabilitation.

A dynamic career spanning to nearly 22 +years that reflects pioneering experience working with the best of the Hospitals and Nursing homes as chief Consultant apart from running her own clinic, and year on year success with the distinction of steering improvement initiatives in multiple areas of Physiotherapy, Cupping, Dry needling and Nutrition, introducing new concepts and functionalities.

She is a founder & Director at LifeMark Healthcare, a multispeciality healthcare clinic.
Apart from being very well versed with the latest technology and techniques in Physiotherapy, her other areas of expertise include- Diabetes Reversal programs, Obesity, Weight management, Lifestyle disorders, sports, and fitness nutrition, Advance Nutrition, and pre postnatal exercises, and Post-surgical care.

Dr. Pooja is few of the handful of Preventive health Consultant who has mentored several students and interns to help them achieve professional success.

She has received numerous recognitions and awards, Indian Entrepreneur Excellence Award in the field of Preventive health and Physiotherapy in 2016. She’s a prolific health blogger and has hosted awareness talks and a number of medical camps in Delhi NCR and Katra(Jammu). She along with her team has hosted corporate sessions around wellness topics, stress management, mindful eating, ergonomics, and weight management.