Dr. Pranoti Kangutkar (P.T)

Dr. Pranoti Kangutkar (P.T)
President, Women’s Wing, Maharastra
Global Association for Physiotherapy

Dr. Pranoti Kangutkar, founder & owner of Dr. Pranoti’s Physio Lounge has completed her Bachelor’s of Physiotherapy of 4.5 years with internship from NIMS University, Jaipur & is a Certified IELTS Trainer, she extensively practices in Mumbai, she also did her observership in National Burn Centre, and Groups of Disabled Centre In Airoli, Mumbai.

She has worked with multiple orthopedic hospitals as consulting physiotherapist like Krishna Orthopedic Hospital & Shaily Multispeciality, Mumbai, she has also worked as a former physiotherapist in Hira Navneet Hospital & Mangal Anand  Orthopaedic Hospital in Mumbai. She is also active among physiotherapy students through her Social Media, Instagram & YouTube channel “Dr. Physio Pizz” where she guides the physio students on various topics ranging from handwritten notes to Masters in Abroad.

Dr. Pranoti till date holds, Certifications such as Diploma in Physiotherapy Aide & FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine, she has also attended numerous workshop like Pilates in Sports, Physiotherapy in ANC & PNC, Sports & Clinical use of Resistance Band Modalities, Diabetes in  Healthcare from Diabetes UK, Core Skills In Musculoskeletal and Diagnosis and Management in Osteoporosis from Royal College of General Practitioner, Standard First Aid, CPR & AED, Kinematics & Postural Corrections in Clinical Practice. Weight Loss Management, Diet & Nutrition.

She also has certification in  Awareness of COVID Safe Sports In Coaches from Confederation of Australian Motor Sports & COVID Awareness & Management from Nathealth, healthcare federation of India. Apart from Physiotherapy, Dr. Pranoti Kangutkar  hold Certification in Fundamental Of Digital Marketing from Academy of Google Garage.