Dr. Sarbpal Kaur (P.T)

Dr.Sarbpal Kaur (PT)

Dr. Sarbpal Kaur (P.T)
National Executive Member, North Zone, N.E.B
Global Association for Physiotherapy

Dr. Kaur (P.T) Working as Assistant professor and clinical physiotherapist in Gian Sagar College of Physiotherapy and Hospital.

Dr Kaur has track record of successful teaching ,clinical physiotherapist and motivational Assistant professor.

Teaching and imparting knowledge had always been part of interest in life. Way of teaching has always been best Dedicated teacher also try to use innovative techniques to make subject interesting and easily understandable for students .

Dr. Kaur has always been positive foreboosting relation among students and coworkers.

Dr.Kaur has postgraduated and graduated from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences.

Participated in different extracurricular activities as well as curricular activities such as quize competition in international conference .

Dr. Kaur has been very active in organising free camps which became very helpful for financially weak patients.

Dr. Kaur presently serving covid patients with the various physiotherapy techniques and helped people by encouraging them.

Dr Kaur has been awarded with many awards in her 2 years of her carrier.

Dr Kaur Organised various conferences and workshops related to physiotherapy.