Dr. Shalini Sagar

Dr. Shalini Sagar
Joint Secretary 
Women’s Wing, (Delhi)
Global Association for Physiotherapy

Dr. Shalini Sagar was born and brought up in Delhi. Am a physiotherapist and had completed my bachelor’s education from Santosh medical college from Ghaziabad and currently continuing my passion of pursuing the Masters of physiotherapy in (Neurology).

She is working and providing her service in various well-known Clinics&rehabilitation centers in Delhi/NCR. have been continuously helping their patients since 2020 and she is currently associated within a physiotherapy rehabilitation center as a consultant physiotherapist.

She has gained and learned numerous techniques of physiotherapy that are being commonly used to heal the patient’s pain internationally and nationally. Am actively volunteering for the Para Olympic physical assessment since 2019. And deals with pre and post-pregnancy Physical care. As a physiotherapist, I believe that I am honest to admit that I can’t make your health perfect but I can just help you to cope with the pain and adjust to a new form of life.

She is certified in differential techniques of physiotherapy, kinesiology taping therapy, a cupping therapist, and pre & post-Natal Care therapist.