Dr. Shashi Anand ( P.T )

Dr. Shashi Anand ( P.T )
Executive Member, (East Zone)
National Executive Board
Global Association for Physiotherapy-GAPT

Dr. Shahsi Anand having 14 Years experience in the field of Physiotherapy as clinical and reaching,Participated /attended/coordinated many CRE Training,CME, Workshops, Conferences in the field of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Dr. Shashi Anand Awarded, judge, and chairperson many Conferences, workshops, symposiums.

Dr. Shashi Anand is very good at management of Audience, creating awareness in society and social media about the Physiotherapy profession as well as association, having very soft natural to Approach society professionals government officials, do a well-organized presentation with government officials professionals and strength is commitments, planning, programming, execution, review, and correction to all including me. Dr. Shashi Anand stands on words.