Dr. Somnath Chatterjee (PT)

Dr. Somnath Chatterjee (PT)Dr. Somnath Chatterjee (P.T) National Treasurer,
Global Association for Physiotherapy.

Dr. Somnath is an eminent physiotherapist from Delhi, India, with his roots from the eastern part of the Country. He holds a Master’s degree in Orthopedics from CCS University, Meerut. He has completed his Bachelor’s from one of the best universities for physiotherapy studies in India, the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. He has been practicing physiotherapy for over a decade.

Somnath has been an integral part of many organizing committees in the field of physiotherapy and has extensively performed in many administrative roles throughout his career for the betterment of the profession.

Somnath also has many specialized trainings and accolades up his sleeve and has been known for his wonderful and skilled healthcare delivery through his practice.
Not only clinically, but Somnath has demonstrated excellence in the corporate world as well, keeping up with fast-paced technology in the field of physiotherapy globally, and is a strong believer of honesty, integrity, perseverance, and smart-work. Alongside clinical practice, he runs a company that builds telehealth-based physical therapy software for its clients in the Countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia. His dream, along with his friend, is to introduce leading cutting-edge technology in the field of Physiotherapy in India.

Dr. Somnath Chatterjee (PT) is a skilled Physiotherapist, a family-man with a 5-year-old son, and an entrepreneur. He believes in change and innovation, research-based development, and lives to achieve. He also likes writing, singing, cooking, reading, and to spend time with his family over a long drive on a pleasant day.