Dr.Trupti Rasal (P.T)

Dr. Trupti Rasal (P.T)
Secretary, Women’s Wing, Maharastra
Global Association for Physiotherapy

One of the well-known Physiotherapists in Pune is Dr.Trupti Rasal! She is sincere, empathetic, hard-working enthusiastic ….dedicates to her efforts to bring a smile to patients’ faces along with satisfaction!

She comes from to upper-middle class, belongs to a traditional joint family! She born and brought to Pune!


Add the quality in the patient’s life by all aspects- physical, mental, emotional for their well-being!

Releasing the fear, negativity, anxiety, doubts by counseling along with the exercises!

Regain the patient’s self-confidence by making them aware of their own strength and power!

Bring the patient back to the daily routine with joy and satisfaction in the available situation!


Dr.Trupti has completed her Secondary School Certification from Maharashtra State in 2009!

Under the Rajkumar .B.Gujar Prashala, Talegoan Dhamdhere Tal:-Shirur Dist:- Pune

She completed her higher secondary Certification in Science from Maharashtra State in 2011!

Under Vidyadham Prashala , Shirur Dist:- Pune!

From Maharashtra University of  Health Sciences, she has done her Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy in 2012-2017 along with the Complete Internship.

Under the P.E.S Modern college of Physiotherapy, Shivajinagar, Pune.

Currently, she is pursuing the Post Graduation Diploma in Emergency Medical Service under Deemed University via Symbiosis College, SB road, Pune.


While completing her final year  and internship, she published a project  in the International Journal of Applied Research dated 01/05/2018

The project is:-

Effectiveness of Cyriax (transverse friction massage) on Pain & function in patients of Planter fasciitis Randomized control trial; submitted to MUHS Nashik.

Seminar/Conferences/ Workshops /Concert:

In 2014: she attainted 4 days  the hands-on workshop on NDT Neuro-dynamic techniques and Bobath in Pune

In 2015 she attainted a conference which was regarding oncology: the research studies of  aayurveda treatment verses the modern medicine and their success stories along with live reviews of  the patients of oncology.

In  Dec2018 she attainted hands on workshop on Antenatal Postnatal fitness by Dr.Shikha Singh(MPT).

In March 2019, the hands-on workshop on Neuromuscular dry needling by Dr. Prakkash.R. Sharoff attainted by her.

In, March 2020 she actively participate in a concert which was held on the occasion of International Women Day by Nirog street as a delegate.

This concert was for all the doctors in various faculty brought together and share the thoughts,simple low cost treatments if needed , easy and the natural ways such as natural  healthy food,diet …for the upbringing of women health ,fitness and happy stress-free life  which again put the value to level up the healthy family !

State Level Cricket Tournament:

In Feb 2019 Dr. Trupti attainted the State level cricket matches held by the Pune Doctors Association for all the Doctors of Maharashtra in Pune

She participated as an on-field Physiotherapist.

Past Professional Experience:

Dr.Trupti has been completed her Internship in the well-known hospitals in Pune listed as:

KEM Hospital, YCM Hospital, Police Hospital, Poona Hospital, Hardikar Hospital, Ruby Hall Hospital, Noble Hospital.

She started her observership in 2017 in Dhanwantari Hospital, Rasta Pune.

2018-2019 she worked as a consultant physiotherapist in Dhanwantari hospital, Rasta Peth Pune.

In 2019 she open her physiotherapy clinic on SB Road, Pune

2019-2020 she joins Karne hospital, Swargate Pune to work as a Physiotherapist to continue her and exposure!

Present professional status:

2021 she joins Kyora Dental and Physiotherapy Clinic Bavdhan, Pune

Along with this, she contributes to the covid-19 patients by attainting the lokam in covid hospitals to rescue the physiotherapists who constantly work in the covid ward, covid –ICU,  covid -general ward.

Attaint the home physiotherapy for the physiotherapy patients.

Physiotherapy Skills:

Dr.Trupti has a good hands-on skill of Manual therapy- Mobilization –Maitland.

Especially in  cases of -frozen shoulder

Postoperative stiffness of  fingers, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle

She has good skill at dry needling.

She has good skill of Trigger point release, Muscle Energy Techniques

Dr.Trupti always designs the individual treatment protocol for the individual patient in a way patients all requirements in the aspect of physiotherapy, meets to back to the daily routine!

She tries her best to give to bring patients’ life healthy along with fitness according to the patient’s age, group, gender.

Fluent language:

English, Marathi, Hindi fluently she communicate with the patient and their family and all the medical team.


Degree certificate of Physiotherapy of MUHS,Nashik.

Internship completion certificate by MUHS, Nashik.

Project Publication Certification of International Journal of Applied Sciences.

Certified Antenatal Postnatal exercise fitness practitioner.

Certified Dry Needling practitioner.

Pursuing certificate – Global Association for Physiotherapy Membership.


To learn new skills upgrade your own knowledge in all aspects and implement it in the day- today- life.

Reading Writing the inspirational motivational thoughts and contexts.