Dr. Vyom Gyanpuri

Dr. Vyom Gyan Puri (P.T.)
 (Uttar Pradesh)
State Executive Board
Global Association for Physiotherapy

Dr. Vyom Gyanpuri is a renowned Physiotherapist based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He has a decade of clinical experience and worked in various capacities; Hospital-based, outpatient Clinic, Lecturer, Scholar, etc. He brings a multifaceted perspective to treatment and the highest quality in treatment resulting in better patient satisfaction. He is also extending his clinical experience into research by pursuing a Ph.D. from IMS, BHU. He has done his specialization (MPT) in Orthopaedic, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) and various advanced training in the field of physiotherapy such as CMT, MET etc.

Dr Vyom is also a founder of King’s Physiotherapy Clinic, well-known centre in Varanasi which focuses on quality treatment and patient satisfaction. He has more than 5 International publications and a book on Physiotherapy. He has received various awards & recognition for his noble work in the field of Physiotherapy; some of listed as “Kasi Alankaran”, “Yuva Physio”, “Best Rated Physio in Varanasi” etc.

Dr Vyom holds the office of Global Association for Physiotherapy (GAPT) as “Secretary, UP”. He is associated with various non-profit organization and actively support social activities to uplift the social human value. He is also a serial entrepreneur who has established a Kings Physiotherapy Clinic, Kings Biomedical etc as a valuable organization. He is very well actively chairing various forum of Physiotherapy; Conferences, Webinar, Award Ceremony, etc.