Hiteshi Kundra

Hiteshi Kundra
President Jalandhar (Punjab)
Students Wing
Global Association for Physiotherapy

I hail from Jalandhar, Punjab. I am in 4th year and currently pursuing my degree from Chandigarh University, Mohali. As a life-long health care professional, I strive to provide an intensive, total body approach to fitness, rehabilitation, and wellness.

I have completed my 10th and 12th standards in 2016 and 2018 respectively and now i am pursuing my bachelor’s degree of physiotherapy from Chandigarh University, Mohali.
Work Experience- I have worked at different hospitals and clinics in Mohali and Jalandhar as a Trainee.

Workshops –
I have attended various workshops online and offline which are as follow:-
1. Manual Therapy workshop from Capri institute of manual therapy.
2. Evidence-based rehabilitation of knee disorders and disabilities by CRC, Sundernagar
3. Guidance,care, and therapeutic management of cerebral palsy children at home during Covid-19 pandemic by CRC, Sundernagar
4. Mechanical Ventilation for Covid-19 by Harvard Medical School
5. How to interpret and clinically correlate EMG and NCV by yourself from a physio point of view by Capri institute.
6. Critical Therapy Techniques for management of knee pain by the society of Indian physiotherapists.
7. How to read, interpret MRI of Spine from physiotherapy point of view by capri4physio
Other than this I have also completed various certified courses from Coursera and saylor.

When I work with patients who have a long physical therapy plan, I focus on creating short achievable goals. These goals make it easier for patients to see the progress they are making, which helps them stay focused. I look for ways of breaking through the plateau by adjusting the patient’s expectations and creating new achievable goals. I am a keen observer when it comes to postural assessment.

Email- Kundra.hiya@gmail.com