Frozen Shoulder By Dr. Rajat Tyagi PT

By Dr. Rajat Tyagi, General Secretary, Students Wing, Uttar Pradesh


Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is characterized by the development of adhesions, capsular restrictions and capsular thickning in the shoulder joint..

Frozen shoulder is also called as Periarthritis or Adhesive capsulitis..

It is a condition where two or more then two movements are restricted


1.Primary frozen shoulder

2. Secondary frozen shoulder

   Primary frozen shoulder

It is a condition where shoulder joint is involved

   Secondary frozen shoulder

It is a condition in which there is no involvement of shoulder joint

There is some other cause to develop frozen shoulder


  1. Primary causes



Sedentary lifestyle

Disuse atrophy

  1. Secondary causes


Fracture in hand

Rib fracture

Heart surgery

Lung surgery


1  Pre adhesive stage

2  freezing stage

3  frozen stage

4   Thawing stage

Pre adhesive stage

Movements are slightly restricted

Pain increase with movement

Duration- less then 3 months

Freezing stage

Due to sedentary lifestyles the adhesions are formed and movements restricted

Due to lack of synovial fluid movements are restricted

Duration- 6 to 9 months

Frozen stage

Shortness of surrounding musculature

Further development of adhesions

Duration –  9-15 months

Thawing stage

It is a resolving stage where fibrosis resolving occurs slowly

ROM occurs to improve

Duration-  1 to 2  years

Sign and symptoms

. Pain

. Restricted ROM

. Discomfort

. ADL hampered

. Pain increasing in night


X-ray– finding

Decreasement of gap in shoulder joint


Shows arthritis or torn rotator cuff muscles

Physiotherapy treatment

Electrotherautic modalities




. Pendular exercises

. Finger ladder in abduction

. Finger ladder in flexion

. Shoulder wheel

. Shoulder pulley

. Capsular stretch

. Isometrics of shoulder

. Mobilization glides of all joint

. Resisted exercises

. Myofacial release

. Strengthening exercises

Advance technique


(Muscle energy technique)


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