Cupping therapy is another solution than medicine which is performed by suction cups. It helps in relieving pain, inflammation, improving blood flow. It is also considered as deep tissue massage. The cups used to perform cupping therapy can be of following types:

  • Glass
  • Bamboo
  • Silicone

As cupping therapy is used to treat number of ailments one such ailment focuses on migraine. Patients who have headaches can have treatment to relieve the escalated and recurrence of their migraine. Cupping therapy is a type of non-invasive therapy that uses suction cups to create suction on the parts to be treated on the body. The suction affects to increase blood flow to the tensed area being treated, which results or works on repairing and removes toxins.

Migraine is a term which is defined as vascular headaches occurring due to decrease in blood supply to the brain. Migraine can be defined as attacks of pulsating moderate to severe headaches that can be connected with nausea or photophobia. Migraine causing the disability of life and impeding social relationships is the second most burdensome neurological disease worldwide. Therefore, appropriate diagnosis and first-line acute and prophylactic treatments is required under proper assistance with proper interval of time. On an instant trigger, like stress, the muscles at the base of the skull will get into spasm and restrict the supply of blood to the brain. The vessels in the brain then dilates when the spasm occur to compensate for the lack of blood supply and reduced oxygen. The expanded vessels put pressure on the nerves, which then causes pain which is pulsating. Once the brain gets optimum blood and oxygen, the pain subsides.

It can help migraine by reducing the stress in the upper back and neck muscles, increasing circulation and promoting blood flow.

Therapy performed on forehead, cheek area, and base of neck makes the muscles relaxed which increases the blood supply. The process in a way is doing exactly the opposite of what caused the migraine pain. The cup is moved up and down over the forehead and sideways below the eyes. Other points, like the left and right carotid, are targeted also.

Other benefits of cupping therapy: –

  • It increases circulation: The suction created by the cups helps in the better circulation of the blood towards the brain.
  • It encourages tissues to release toxins: Cupping gives the body energy in releasing the toxins from the body. Focused blood flow helps the body by cutting-off built-up toxins through the lymphatic system.
  • It helps in keeping the skin healthy: Cupping therapy tends to improve the blood flow of the skin by helping the increase of oxygen and other nutrients which is required to for a healthy skin.
  • It helps in relieving the digestive problems: It helps in improving digestive problems caused by malnutrition, chronic stress etc
  • It is also considered as a way of relaxation: Cupping therapy is also considered as massage agent which helps in increase of blood flow and oxygen leading to relaxation.

Hiteshi Kundra

President, Jalandhar District

Students Wing (Punjab)



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