Recent trends Role and Importance of physiotherapy in India By Dr. Karthikeyan T


Physiotherapy treatment means it is systematic method of assisting cardio respiratory musculo skeletal neurological including pain and psychosomatic disease to prevent illness by the way of manual therapy and physical ability.

The specialized field of physiotherapy which is integral component of rehabilitation which focusing entire body system dysfunction. Post brain injury physiotherapy plays a key role to manage the treatment care. This field become an increasingly demand important part of healthcare delivery system, resulting in a number of growing job opportunities, advent of new existing specialities (Neuro,ortho,cardio vascular womens health,community health and sports) and the use of modern technology.

In fact, the modern field of physiotherapy is showing dynamic expansion into a variety of new innovative areas that present exciting opportunities for new and currently employed physiotherapists working in public sector and private hospitals. Some of the newest opportunities in this field include working in standalone clinics, home care services, huge burden of chronic diseases (Post stroke and movement disorder)and growing geriatrics population which means physiotherapy field will be in more demand than olden days. There is also a lot of focus on sports health in our country with private clubs Sports authority of India and leagues taking shape, which provides great opportunity for physiotherapists working in this particular field.


Currently, two of the most promising employment trends in physiotherapy are the rise of standalone clinics/rehab centers and home healthcare careers. Both these fields are showing dramatic and sustained growth and make up a majority of the total job growth predicted for the field of physiotherapy in coming years. Home healthcare is pegged at 15 billion dollar industry in India by 2020and is growing at 18 % annually at present. There is a lot of interest about this new health care industry/corporate hospital which is fast becoming the choice of treatment other than hospital care.
Dr.Karthikeyan T,PhD,DSC., Physiotherapist, NIMHANS, Bangalore-29


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