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Virtual Reality An Adjunct in Neuro Rehabilitation By Dr Sonia Shrivastava

One of the emerging treatment option in neuro rehab specially in stroke along with the conventional therapy which provide an excellent dose of  repetitive...

Talking to Patients on Ventilators By Dr. Mayank Garg

Mechanical ventilation prevents patients from communication by speech. Concomitant muscle weakness impairs their communication by non-verbal gestures and writing. Thus, they feel lonely, frustrated,...

Chest Pain From Musculoskeletal and Neural Disorders By Dr. Pankaj Singh

As chest region shares the same spinal segment innervation, any disorder of the anterior chest wall can mimic chest pain of cardiac etiology, for...

Behavioral Approaches on Managing Chronic Low Back Pain By Akshaya.M

INTRODUCTION TO CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN : Low back pain that has been present for longer than three months is considered as CHRONIC LOW BACK...

Motor control Vs Motor Behaviour By Dr. Sheik Abdul khadir AMK

Motor control is defined an area of natural science exploring how the central nervous system (CNS) produces purposeful, coordinated movements in its interaction with...

Global Developments and trends in Physiotherapy By Ishant Kumar Arora

Ishant kumar Arora Ever since 1894, when 4 nurses laid down the foundation of this noble profession, physiotherapy is continuously evolving as a boon for...

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