Emerging Trends in Neurophysiotherapy field By Dr Abhila Alexander

GAPTCON Blog Writing Competition


The new era of 21st century of Neurophysiotherapy is ever progressive and diversified with various approaches and interventions bringing about better client/patient outcomes and independence in daily activities. These advance interventions has brought about a rampant impact thereby preventing and delaying the neurological effects  and promoting neural plasticity in various neurodegenerative disorders such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s Diseases, Motor Neuron Disorders and other Cognitive declines such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s.Mainly the interventions include such as Robotic Gait Analysis, Exoskeleton Bionic Gait Prothesis, Virtual-3D Gaming Rehab for Functional training for Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity , Functional Electric Muscle Stimulation(FES)For Gait, Non Invasive Brain Stimulation, Aquatic/Hydrotherapy unit etc. These all interventions and technologies have eased the burden of physiotherapists and practitioners by bringing best possible positive outcomes and accurate results thereby by creating a better path to the recovery.We being the core members of multidisciplinary team has created a holistic approach in reaching patient centered goals and achieving them in step wise progression and bringing about Inclusion, independence and better quality of life. Lastly wanted to conclude by saying These current trends  and developments have brought huge impact globally in the wellbeing of patient, family and society.


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