Chest Pain From Musculoskeletal and Neural Disorders By Dr. Pankaj Singh

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As chest region shares the same spinal segment innervation, any disorder of the anterior chest wall can mimic chest pain of cardiac etiology, for the same reason. So also can disorders of the Cervical or thoracic Pain.

Costochondral junction Pain (Tietze Syndrome):-

Inflammation of costochondral or costosternal junction is frequently mistaken for cardiac pain. The Second, Third & Fourth Costal junction on left are frequently involved. Pain is also associated with nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Chest pain is due to compression of Nerve or vessels.

Herpes zoster:-

Prior to development of rash involving peripheral nerves.

Pulmonary causes of chest pain:-

Most pain of pulmonary origin is pleuritic. Due to Pulmonary infraction or Pneumonia.

Other causes of chest pain:-

Menders disease:-Is thrombophlebitis of breasts.

Shoulder hand syndrome:-Due to myocardial infraction.

Aortic Arch syndrome:-Inflammation of Aorta.

Pericardial Migraine:-Migraine & Headaches.

Neurocirculatory Asthenia:-It consists of chest pain, dyspnea, sweating, dizziness, palpitation & anxiety.

Physiotherapy Management of chest pain for Musculoskeletal:-First of all using Electrotherapy for reducing pain and inflammation then rehabilitate for Breathing exercises & postural drainage. In ICU patient’s inhalation, Exhale & Ambulation, Helpful for lungs clearance & relief for chest pain, Muscles Relaxed.

Dr Pankaj Singh

Head of Deptt. Physiotherapy

Navin Hopsital, Greater Noida, UP.



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