Functional training and Neuro Physiotherapy By Sheik Abdul khadir AMK

GAPTCON Blog Writing Competition


With the implementation of ICF in health care, there is a paradigm shift in focus from correction of impairments to facilitation of activities and participation. Physiotherapists are often considered as movement scientists/specialists. The shift from movement to function created confusion among Physiotherapy professionals.

On the other hand, the neuroscience of human movements witnessed significant improvements in the understanding of movement emergence recently. It is understood that the movement emerges as a product of the interaction between the Individual, Task and Environment. Any movement is incomplete without considering the task to be performed and the environment in which the task is done.

The shift in focus towards functional training in the Physiotherapy profession is actually the evolution of the profession. This is of major significance to Neuro Physiotherapy as Functional training should not be viewed as one of the various approaches .It’s time to view functional training as “Conventional Physiotherapy”.


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