Global Developments and trends in Physiotherapy By Ishant Kumar Arora

GAPTCON Blog Writing Competition


Ishant kumar Arora

Ever since 1894, when 4 nurses laid down the foundation of this noble profession, physiotherapy is continuously evolving as a boon for the mankind. With the independent recognition of physiotherapy in 1954, there was a significant development in the field of research and clinical advancement alike. The improvements in research efficaciously catalyzed the physiotherapy movement around the globe in terms of robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. These advancements kick started a new hope for rehabilitation in various fields including neurological, sports and orthopedic rehabilitation by improving mobility and performance along with enhancement in the anatomical and biomechanical knowledge. The spread of corona-virus initiated the new era of“Telerehabilitation”. This promoted the role of physical therapist as a ‘front line worker’ for post covid-19 rehabilitation and hence the awareness about the profession increased. Furthermore, Tele Rehabilitation expanded the arena of clinical research, resulting in new breakthroughs in physical therapy approaches that ultimately helped in establishing a new milestone for the “non-surgical, non-pharmacological, non-invasive” conservative approach: Physical Therapy.


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