Telrehablitation – concept to be considered in Indian physiotherapy practice By Manjari R

GAPTCON Blog Writing Competition

  • Physiotherapy home exercise programs,(hep) estimated around  40,000 online apps available as per NHS, UK, Smartphone applications and Condition specific apps becomes vital for patient usage. Telerehabliation promotes active participation from both the physiotherapist and                 patient throughout the course of treatment.
  • Consultations, diagnostic assessments and delivery of treatment interventions and Verbal and visual interaction between participants are carried out effectively in telerehablitation. 
  • Problems in the telerehabliation are the inability to measure participant’s physical performance. It can be Overcome by measurement tools that were able to objectively quantify participant’s physical performance.

Adavantages of telerehabliation:

  • High reach, low cost
  • Effective communications, reaches wider groups
  • Travel cost to clinics
  • Patients takes the responsibility of helping themselves as an active partner, not a passive participant
  • Useful for chronic long term conditions
  • Can have long term follow ups

Disadvantages of telerehabliation:

  • Pain management
  • Low levels of physical activity at baseline
  • Anxiety, depression and pain
  • Poor social support
  • Greater perceived barriers to exercise
  • Poor understanding about their condition
  • Difficult to commit to the time needed to exercise



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