Global Developments and Trends in Physiotherapy Women’s Health By DR. Sneha Sharan

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For the all-round advancement of nation, the role of women is very important. Women’s generally do not take care of their health. Domestic workload keeps them away to take care of their health and hygiene. All women throughout their lifespan from being a adolescent girl, child bearing age group, menopausal women to geriatric age groups benefits from physiotherapy.

The scope of practice has definitely increase in recent times to include all health concerns of women’s like:

  1. Pre-natal and post-natal 
  2. Incontinence
  3. Osteoporosis
  4. Generalize weakness

Pre-natal and post-natal: Exercises and physical therapy during and after pregnancy. As studies have shown that exercises can reduce pregnancy complications and optimizes maternal and foetal health. Aerobic and resistance training to achieve greater benefits.

Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic floor dysfunction-Physiotherapy intervention, Pelvic floor muscles strengthening, abdominal muscles strengthening are very helpful for this.

Housemakers; mothers and women engaged in long sitting work may develops backpain, Pelvic griddle pain, Cervical pain and Scoliosis. Most of the women tends to ignore these pains but in long run this pain may turn out to be critical. Women should immediately consult a physiotherapist while observing early signs and symptoms of back related issues. Physiotherapy will recommend various exercises and manual therapy to reduce pain. Treatment will focus on strengthening exercises and stretching exercises, flexibility and pain management.

 Now in offices they provide ergonomics chair, time to time organise seminars and various programmes on ergonomics so that employees can have a healthy work life balance. Exercises and Physical activities can improve quality of life.

Special programme to ease menstrual discomforts in young girls. There is increased awareness and focus to health issues related to female in recent times.

Physiotherapist will create and design a personalised aerobic exercises programme to help recover safely.



General Secretary of Women’s Wing Bihar


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