Rising Awareness is leading to widened domain of Physiotherapy By Dr. Yamini Ambarish Sagdeo

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Rising Awareness isleading to widened domain of Physiotherapy including non-ailing people as well.

Earlier, Physiotherapy was recommended only for people with ailments: physical injuries, fractures, sports injuries, strokes, developmental delays and many other orthopaedic neurological as well as cardiorespiratory conditions. The benefits of Physiotherapy for fitness has resulted in increase of practice of Physiotherapy in normal individuals to promote their quality of life.

Fitness training was limited only to sports person but now; individuals without any ailment are consulting for preventive Physiotherapy treatment sessions which can be briefly postulated as:

  • Posture Rehabilitation– Knowledge about ideal posture, it’s significance and advantages.
  • Brain gym exercises– These help in keeping the brain active by increasing focus on motor activities and body awareness.
  • Co-ordination and balance exercises– They help to delay Alzheimer’s disease and many neuro- degenerative disorders.
  • Breathing exercises– Due to Covid-19, every individual is highly aware of importance of breathing exercises for maintenance of lung function.

All the above exercises help a non-ailing person lead a better life by delaying the degenerative ailments and even improving mental health of the person as the saying goes, “Sound mind in a Sound body” which we all know!

Physiotherapy being an evidence-based practice has proven that proper physical exercise training helps in prevention of many Psychosomatic disorders as well, which is a part of mental health.

Thus, Physiotherapy treatment binds completely with universal definition of health as a treatment taken for “state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of any disease or infirmity”.


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