Motor control Vs Motor Behaviour By Dr. Sheik Abdul khadir AMK

GAPTCON Blog Writing Competition


Motor control is defined an area of natural science exploring how the central nervous system (CNS) produces purposeful, coordinated movements in its interaction with the rest of the body and with the environment. It is clearly understood that motor control is a process that happens behind the scene. Human knowledge on motor control is still incomplete. In other words, our understanding of how CNS organises movement is still unclear.

On the other hand, the term motor control is being erroneously used by healthcare professionals. Terminologies like Motor control assessment ,  Motor Control exercises are in practice.

The movement observed must be termed as Motor Behaviour. This motor behaviour cannot be taken as actual representation of motor control as there can be various factors that can influence motor behaviour without much changes in motor control.

For example  assessment of a patient doing a movement ,say shoulder flexion in supine lying must be called as motor behaviour analysis in a given position .This kind of analysis may not be sufficient enough to infer about the underlying motor control. Hence, any inference made out of this analysis must be done with caution.


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