Virtual Reality An Adjunct in Neuro Rehabilitation By Dr Sonia Shrivastava

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One of the emerging treatment option in neuro rehab specially in stroke along with the conventional therapy which provide an excellent dose of  repetitive task specific activity is Virtual Reality.

Due to some limited effectiveness in conventional therapy (CT) various task-oriented virtual reality rehabilitation programs have been designed for upper limb and lower limb. Application of Wii Games as Kinetic sports in rehabilitation has been achieving as the  most favourable treatment option because it not only helps in motor recovery but also act as a motivational adjunct for the patient .

Ninentendo games has got its popularity in rehabilitation by providing real-time information on performance using sensory, auditory , visual feedback.

Now a days X box kinect has been used in the stroke rehabilitation which enables the user to watch his posture and movement on screen and indulge himself in a real time virtual reality environment. 

While performing on virtual reality X box kinect,  patient feels motivated and engaged with more repetition and higher intensity which is helpful in introducing neuroplasticity.

It also facilitates functional neuroplasticity which results in activating the  mirror neuron system hence improve his functional outcome.

Virtual Reality training has also been used in rehabilitation for balance dysfunction .

These virtual activities helps in in a activation of cerebral cortex and improve the spatial orientation which facilitates the cortex to control balance and increase motor functions.

Virtual Reality field helps in generating the pseudo sensation of walking also. Walking- in -place produces a pseudo sensation which stimulates their leg movements which are more or less similar to the actual leg movements . Repetitive task training in VR field also improves walking distance, speed and upper & lower limb functions.

Virtual reality also resulted in a slightly better ability to manage everyday activities such as showering and dressing.

While practice conventional therapy Virtual reality should be an important part of Neuro rehabilitation which helps in indulging the stroke survivors in all his domains which are  hampered after the stroke.


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